Buy Health Food For The Price Of Fast-Food? You Can At This New Grocery Store!!!

Wouldn’t you love it if you could get heathy food for the same price as junk food? Luckily for you a this new company does exactly that. The company named Daily Table is providing low cost, heathy options to people on lower incomes.

To the people who want and try to eat heathy, but unfortunately cannot afford to this idea is a welcomed breath of fresh air. You shouldn't have to make sacrifices to eat healthy, this isn’t fair and should not be this way. 

Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s. released that this was a problem and that’s what prompted him to found Daily Table. His first store opened it’s doors on June 4, 2015. This store is based in Dorchester, Boston. The Time’s featured an article on this and with in the first line of text (which is in bold) states, “Tons of items are under $1.”

“The answer here isn’t a full stomach, the answer has to be a healthy meal,” Rauch tells Fast Coexist. “When 49 million Americans aren’t able to eat properly, and because of it their health suffers—and they get obesity, heart disease, diabetes, in their teenage and young adult years—this is going to be a health care cost tsunami that hits all of us.”

According to their website, their prices are low enough to compete with fast-food. They also stock various  “grab-n-go” options, for those who struggle to find time to cook.

Prices are incredible competitive for example 12 eggs for $1.29, cereal for $0.70 and even tuna for  only $0.55.

Rauch is able to offer such great prices as works a deal with his suppliers to purchases food that is usually thrown away due to it not meeting cosmetic standards. Due to this this Rauch is able to buy at dramatically reduced prices or even in some cases he receives donation.

The only down side to this is that  Rauch and his chefs rarely get predictable orders. Surplus of certain produce means they have to think on their toes to produce desirably products.

It’s not charity it’s innovation. They’re preventing food waste and help customers who normally would struggle to afford items like these. It’s a win, win situation. 

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