Avoid These Cosmetic Companies, They All Support Animal Testing

In 1989, Avon Products Inc. proudly announced that they would stop all animal testing of their items.

And then, just recently, this press release appeared.

“Respect for animal welfare is a cornerstone of Avon’s product safety philosophy,”  the release starts proudly. It continues by promoting the truth that they were the first significant cosmetic service to end animal screening.

Then comes the bombshell; they are gearing up to resume animal screening for particular "special usage" items such as sunscreens, anti-pigmentation/whitening items, deodorant, breast improving products and hair development products.

The reason behind this is they do not wish to lose their legal "right" to offer those items in specific countries, such as China, that require added animal testing prior to an item can be offered to humans.

Bear in mind that this is a cosmetic business. They are not selling important items. They're offering luxury products.

The Beagle Freedom Project writes:

The companies that test on animals don’t just put “yes, we test on animals” on their websites. Instead they feed you their public relations spin and talk about all the good they do for animals, the environment and how charitable they are. They state that animal testing only represents “one percent” of their trials or that they only conduct animal tests “where required by law.”

Avon chooses to reap the profits by selling their products in the small minority of countries that require animal testing. The companies that don’t test on animals do not sell their products in these countries.

There's no high ground for Avon to stand on behind this viewpoint. The bottom line is that they have their earnings in mind-- they do not wish to lose their share in certain countries.

PETA reports that Estee Lauder remains in the very same boat, using the laws a couple of countries have as an excuse to resume animal screening without much of a fight.

Mary Kay Cosmetics is even sneakier. Their site maintains that they do not carry out animal testing, which is technically the truth-- They contract the testing out to the Chinese federal government.

The Following Cosmetic and Hair Care Brands Test on Animals:

Bobbi Brown
Estée Lauder
Head & Shoulders
M.A.C. Cosmetics
Mary Kay

Why is animal testing still utilized?

The federal governments still requiring testing on animals are no better. Animal testing is an extremely outdated method that ought to replaced by more modern-day techniques such as the Institute for In Vitro Sciences' in vitro process.

The not-for-profit institute even teaches their method through workshops and webinars. It's not a rare, obscure process-- over 1,000 cosmetic business already use it, a lot of which are not major services, negating the "it's too expensive" argument.

These honest companies include:

Nature’s Gate
Seventh Generation
Natura Essential
Wet N Wild

The solution for customers is basic. Talk with your cash. Do not fall into the trap of thinking significant corporations are stuck in a bind that compels them to be dishonest. Many other business have found an escape, what's stopping them?

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