Archaeologists Have Unearthed Hitler’s Dark Secret (Heartbreaking Images)

The Nazis carried out a host of atrocities throughout the Second World War, but chief amongst them was their attempt to exterminate Jewish individuals, along with numerous other minorities and marginalized groups.

As defeat loomed, the Nazis attempted to cover up the evidence of their actions by killing the witnesses and burning their extermination centers to the ground. Among these sites, a death camp in Sobibor, Poland, was recently excavated, and exactly what they discovered there is too shocking for words.

Among the Nazis' many atrocities during World War II, the worst might have been the extermination camps established across Europe to eradicate Jewish individuals.

Poland, which Germany occupied from the beginning of the war, was the home of many of the worst camps, consisting of Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Sobibor was another camp where Jews and other marginalized groups were sent out to be murdered.

The camp was part of Operation Reinhard, under which 2 million individuals were methodically murdered.

Trainloads of victims were delivered in on these railways and never ever left.

Near the end of the war, when defeat seemed unavoidable, the Nazis began aiming to cover their tracks. They burned the camps to the ground and filled out the graves with concrete.

Just recently, a group of Polish and Israeli archaeologists went to the Sobibor site with a mission to reveal these crimes.

They wanted to find out what had actually occurred there, and perhaps bring some peace to the souls of the departed.

Among the Israeli archaeologists was Yoram Haimi, who had two uncles who had died at the camp.

The items they discovered, like these sets of locks and keys which had actually kept detainees in their cells, held a great deal of significance.

There were likewise many personal items among the ruins, like this ring which reads, "Behold, you are consecrated onto me.".

They likewise discovered bodies, and a frightening number of them at that.

Less than 60 detainees made it out of the camp alive by the war's end. The rest were put in mass graves like this.

This body was found face down, and if you take a look at the base of the skull, you can clearly see the gunshot wound. This person's execution was carried out from behind.

Much of the camp had actually been damaged, but the most scary structures still were intact, like these gas chamber walls.

Millions were murdered on these foundations.

This was a well once used by the detainees. Lots of the prisoners likely tried to get away down that frightening hole, but few were hardly ever lucky to flee these atrocities.

We may never ever understand how anyone might ever carry out such horrific atrocities. But at least the victims of this dreadful place have finally been discovered and offered an appropriate burial they deserve. May nothing like this ever take place again.

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