Anonymous Exposes Donald Trump: The Republican Candidate's Ties With The KKK

It's on everyone's lips. Is Donald Trump a Klansman? It's possible that his daddy Fred Trump belonged to a New York City KKK chapter, in his more youthful years-- however, something that is still currently debated.

Yet, just a couple of days ago Trump stated that he "disavowed" the Ku Klux Klan, in Detroit. It's an unsafe game he's playing, which he feels the need to talk about the KKK so dismissively, as opposed to terrorism, is concerning. The doth demonstration too much over the last 2 weeks, disenchanting.

Trump's lots of policy reforms and intros include constructing a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border, and positioning a blanket restriction on Muslims taking a trip to the United States, up until he can "determine exactly what's going on." Further to that, albeit he does not identify Donald Trump Junior's actions, his kid was being boasted about on a pro-white radio station after landing an interview with him.

David Duke, the previous KKK Grand Wizard has admiringly shown support, and Trump has supplied his platform. It isn't until Trump met current criticism that he knocked the former KKK leader, and when he did, he mentioned “I totally disavow David Duke, I’ve been doing it for two weeks.” Previous, the concern of support for the Klan and Duke was consulted with faulty-earpieces-unable-to-answer type situations.

That he didn't use the KKK as a chance to land points against domestic thuggery, is beyond the majority of who can read between the lines. The reality is, the white supremacist groups are supporting Trump, not Clinton and Sanders.

Playing coy about denouncing the KKK does not go in Trump's favor, however what is truly stressing is the fringe voters and the disenchanted vote that is bring him along to his 'throne,' with these actions. Viewed as strong-minded versus the media and his opponents, the disillusioned individuals trying to find an answer to repair the Land of the Brave, maybe sees Trump as one to deliver-- the man is not a pushover.

Knocking the Klan should be easy. It's a piece of cake if you're politically encouraged in the 21st century-- this isn't really about being politically correct, as National Review recommends. Be it Trump is a member, supporter or just plain dumb, as Jonah Goldberg so aptly put it, Trump's only reason for not disavowing Duke and the KKK faster may be for the factor "Trump thinks many of his conservative advocates are.".

That in itself is a harmful quality in a 'leader.'.

And for some comedy from Russell Brand 'Trumpsting,' see the video below:.

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