Amazing: The “Pirate Party” Becomes Iceland’s Biggest Political Party

Iceland's anti-establishment Pirate Party continues to lead nationwide polls as the most popular choice for the next elections. The party-- whose policies include internet liberty, drug decriminalization, and open democracy-- has actually regularly led the polls for the last year and, as a result, has revived more funding than any of its competitors.

The 2008 financial crisis struck Iceland hard. In 2009, the krona was devalued by around 50%, joblessness doubled, and capital controls were present. Miraculously, the nation rose from the ashes to become one of Europe's leading performers in terms of growth. More recently, the political facility has actually been in turmoil given that 3 government ministers were linked in the worldwide Panama Papers scandal.

In spite of their struggle, or possibly because of it, the list of reasons to admire Icelanders continues growing. Whether it's the sentencing of senior bankers-- or the mass outrage at the offshore leakage, which moved 10% of the population to the streets and ousted the Prime Minister-- the extreme rejection of Icelanders to bow down and accept establishment corruption is admirable.

Because of this, the surge in appeal of the once-fringe Pirate Party comes as little surprise-- current surveys show almost half the nation supports them. In Iceland, financial support for political parties is designated based upon how well they have actually performed in polls.

Although the party does not have official leadership, chair of the parliamentary group and representative, Birgitta Jonsdottir, said they did not anticipate the financing. Claiming their campaign was, so far, funded at a flea market, she stated that sufficed which all the celebration requires is to be able to pay the salaries of its workers.

"We did not expect this. We do not care. Democracy doesn't revolve around getting loads of cash from the government," she included.

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