80% Of Cannabis Users Swap Prescription Drugs For Weed, Big Pharma Shaking In Their Boots

87% of 473 adult therapeutic marijuana users surveyed by the Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia quit prescription drugs, alcohol, and illicit drugs in favor of cannabis. In addition, 80% of respondents reported replacing marijuana for prescription drugs, 52% substituted marijuana for alcohol and 32% replaced it for illegal compounds. Patients under 40 years of age were found to replace cannabis for all 3 classes of substances.

The finding that cannabis was replacement for all 3 classes of drugs suggests that the medical usage of cannabis might play a harm reduction role in the context of usage of these compounds, and might have implications for abstinence-based substance use treatment techniques. More research study needs to seek to differentiate in between biomedical replacement for prescription pharmaceuticals and psychedelic drug substitution, and to clarify the systems behind both.

According to the 2015 National Drug Hazard Evaluation, drug overdose, mostly from painkillers and heroin, is now the leading reason for deadly injuries in the United States-- exceeding firearms and motor vehicle collisions. Prescription opioids and heroin overdoses constitute 2 of the leading drugs individuals overdose on not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

Since 2002, prescription drug deaths have actually outmatched those of cocaine and heroin integrated. Abuse of controlled prescription drugs is higher than that of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, MDMA, and PCP combined.

Specialist General Vivek Murthy, America's leading public health authorities, announced in October 2015:

" Right before I pertained to Washington to end up being Specialist General, I was biding farewell to our group of nurses in Boston. And they had a request for me. They told me that if I did simply something as Surgeon General, I should do something about the drug crisis in America. I guaranteed them that I would. I assured them that I would due to the fact that they understood it was damaging a lot of our communities.

“Right before I came to Washington to become Surgeon General, I was saying goodbye to our team of nurses in Boston. And they had a request for me. They told me that if I did just one thing as Surgeon General, I should do something about the drug crisis in America. I promised them that I would. I promised them that I would because they knew it was destroying too many of our communities.

“…I’m proud to announce that next year, I will be releasing the first-ever Surgeon General’s Report on substance use, addiction, and health. We’re going to look at the best science on everything, from heroin and marijuana, to alcohol and prescription opioids. And we’re going to launch a national campaign to tackle the prescription drug crisis, because we know that someone dies from an opioid overdose every 24 minutes in this country.”

Strong case for medical cannabis. Weak case for prescription tablets. Right reason enough for Big Pharma to lobby against cannabis legalisation? After all, if people move away from alarmingly addictive and lethal substances in favor of a miracle plant, how will they boost the costs of drugs, fleece clients, create earnings and grow? There are at least five prescription medications that might be changed for marijuana. And if they certainly are replaced, marijuana would immediately render obsolete the range of pharmaceuticals that make the drug barons (and legislators) filthy rich.

No longer would the basic population have to count on side effect-laden painkiller drugs, psych meds and other fatal pharmaceuticals for relief from their chronic disorders-- marijuana would change all this and more, providing true recovery to the masses for pennies on the dollar. Because marijuana is a plant that anybody can grow, it also threatens the central power structures that manage modern medicine, not to discuss the for-profit prison market that count on incarcerating non-violent drug offenders.

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