7 Easy Ways To Keep Ticks And Lyme Disease Away From Your Home And Yard

Lyme disease, is a bacterial infection that. it it usuals contracted from tick bites and it’s something that you will want to avoid.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the number of people who contract Lyme disease is approximately  300,000 per year in The United States alone. Lyme disease can be contracted by people of all ages and can be hard to diagnose as it often displays symptoms of other illnesses. If untreated, Lyme disease is known to spread to joints, the heart and can have a devastating affect on the central nervous system.

Fortunately preventing Lyme disease is not too difficult to once you understand  where ticks populations are common. Their preferred environment is one that is moist and humid. Also wooded or grassy area are the most likely places to encounter ticks. If ticks are a known issue in your area, ensure you thoroughly check your clothing, hair and body before entering your home.

Pets are another way ticks get in contact with humans, the worst offenders being cats and dogs. Both cats and dog can also get very sick from tick bites and other tick related disease. there are vaccines for these conditions but unfortunately this will not help prevent ticks from getting into your home. Pets should be checked ticks on a daily basis, although if they spend a lot of time outside the check should be more frequent. If a pet's appetite or mood is affected this could be a sign a tick has bitten your pet. should you discover a tick on your pet, it should be taken off as soon as possible. If you follow this advice you should be able to get on top of the tick issue this summer.

Here are 5 tips to remember

1. Cut your grass

Ticks thrive in tall grass, so even if it’s on the edge of your lawn make sure you get rid of it. 

2. Make a gravel path or wood chip boarder 

Ticks don’t like crossing paths especially if its primary construction is a touch rough material like gravel and wood chips. you could either put a gravel path in your garden or even make wood chip boarders.  

3. Ensure wood piles are kept tidy

Wood piles are another favourite spot for ticks , this is more the case of wood stored in shaded areas. wood should be kept in area where it comes into contact with sunlight. This ensures it dry out faster and prevents it from remaining moist.

4. Use certain plants to repel ticks

unfortunately most of the off the shelf tick repellents are often laced with harmful chemicals. A great alternative to a chemical repellent is a plant known as the American beautyberry bushes

5. Invest in a Tick-Eater

this obviously will only work for those with larger pieces of land. if you are fortunate enough to own a decent amount of land, maybe think about  
buying a some chickens. if you go for ex battery farm hens you be reaching mistreated birds to so it’s a win win. Guinea hens are also highly affective against ticks. Please ensure you new additions are correctly housed.

6. Stay in the sun 

As stated earlier ticks thrive in humid and moist conditions. Sunlight causes the tick to dry out and die.  

7. Wear light Clothing 

If you wear light clothing, this makes ticks a lot easier to spot. due to their size they can easily be unnoticed on darker clothing.

Here’s a video for further information:  

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