4 Natural Remedies That Can Help Repair Receding Gums

Receding gum tissues can be quite disconcerting. Not only are they unpleasant, they can additionally bring about pockets, or voids, in between your teeth and also gum tissue line, permitting the accumulate of hazardous bacteria.

According to WebMD, this could bring about extreme damage of sustaining cells and bone structure of your teeth as well as eventual tooth loss.

So what's the cause of gum tissues receding?

Believe it or not, a study released in the Journal of Periodontology Online found that one of the reasons is actually being a little too zealous with your teeth cleaning routine.

An additional reason is genetics. According to WebMD, 30% of the population is likely to develop gum tissue disease. If you're among that number, you'll always be at higher risk, regardless of how well you clean your teeth.

One more cause of receding gums, unsurprisingly, is cigarette smoking. According to Simple Actions Oral, cigarette smoking is one of the most significant factors in the development of a range of gum tissue problems, including receding gums.

What can you do about declining gum tissues? Do you simply have to accept this?

Thankfully, no!

There are numerous all-natural treatments around that have been proven to combat receding gums. Note that these remedies are obviously most beneficial if the issue is found prior to it needing surgical treatment. Things become more complicated from there, gum tissue grafts and all form of other pricey options.

That said, if you've just begun to see several of the issues related to a receding gum line (such as bleeding after brushing or flossing, inflamed gum tissues, bad breath and pain at the gum tissue line) there may still be time to check out a few of the natural remedies for alleviation and recovery:

Green Tea

A Japanese study released by the American Dental Association found regular intake of green tea to be helpful in the promotion of healthy teeth and gum lines.

The study located a reduction in 3 signs of gum disease, gum pocket depth, loss of gum tissue and bleeding. When green tea was ingested daily by individuals taking part in the study.

Aloe Vera

An additional usage for what must be one of the most beneficial plants in existence? You bet.

A research published in the Journal of Indian Culture of Periodontology names aloe as a “soothing healer to periodontal disease.” The research study examined 15 subjects as well and found that when aloe vera gel was applied orally, the extent of various gum diseases was decreased.

That does not mean you have to burst open leaves and lather the suspicious-looking gel all over your gums. There are different aloe vera items offered like toothpaste, mouth wash and also juice.


WholeHealthMD cites eucalyptus as an anti-inflammatory drug great for battling gum tissue conditions. This could be because of its germ-fighting abilities; it eliminates the microorganisms in your mouth when gum tissue recession happens.

www.curetoothdecay.com recommends blending the following two components to develop a mouth wash, for battling gum problems:

2 tsps of eucalyptus oil
1 mug of warm water

Vitamin C

According to www.perioptotect.com, Vitamin C has actually been utilized for centuries to stop gum tissue swelling, hemorrhaging and gum recession. This is supported by information from www.good-gums.com, which mentions a 14-week study done at the University of California San Francisco, which found the severity of bleeding gums to boost when Vitamin C consumption decreased, and also the other way around.

There are naturally various other points you could do to not just decrease the severity of gum disease, yet boost your oral health and wellness too.

These consist of:

Keeping a normal oral health and wellness method

Gargling on a regular basis

Flossing daily

Cleaning gently in a round movement

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