25 Things Fast Food Restaurants Don’t Want You To Know

Nowadays, Junk food is the favored option, but how safe is this food? In some cases does the market cuts corners simply to make a fast dollar, and among these corners is your health. Here is a list of 25 things fast food dining establishments do not want you to know about:

25-- Those grill marks on your hamburgers were placed on when being processed in the factory.

24-- The french fries are usually not fresh, one way making sure they are is to order them without salt. They'll have to prepare a fresh batch and you can add your very own salt later on.

23-- That chili you purchased is normally made with left over hamburger meat.

22-- Many restaurant's salads include as many calories if not more than a Big Mac.

21-- Next time you get a drink out of a soda fountain, look up the ice chute. On a regular basis you can find mold.

20-- Almost 50% of dining establishment fountain beverage dispensers have fecal bacteria on them.

19-- Those images and videos of food on these quick food commercials, they're airbrushed and retouched with fiberglass. It takes 2 hours to create just one hamburger.

18-- In fast food restaurants, a great deal of cooking area workers surprisingly follow the "10 second rule."

17-- Junk food restaurants toss away an amazing amount of unused food every night.

16-- At some restaurants, including Taco Bell, the food carries over to the next day for serving.

15-- Dining establishments of the same chain can have significantly different standards and quality. It generally relies on the management.

14-- All fast food employees are supposed to use gloves when they prepare food however the majority of the time no one follows that guideline.

13-- Next time have a look around the car park, bathroom or sitting location of a dining establishment. If it's dirty, picture what the places you cannot see look like, especially the kitchen area.

12-- In 1970 around $6 billion was invested in junk food. Today that number is up to $200 billion

11-- The sodas that you drink are marked up by 1200%. That syrup in your coke cost the junk food services next to nothing and with the cup it will usually cost the company under $0.15.

10-- Some junk food milkshakes can consist of over 50 different kinds of chemicals.

9-- Junk food companies load up with high fructose corn syrup since it's a cheap sweetener. It also will deceive your body into wanting more of it.

8-- Great deals of places around closing time they'll give you decaf coffee whether you ordered it that way or not. They do this since they don't wish to clean two different coffee pots.

7-- If you get a lemon in your beverage you much better beware. Typically the staff members will not clean their hands and they'll just set out the lemons, cut them up, and serve them.

6-- Cashiers are not supposed to inform you of the number of calories in your dish, even if they understand it. They are supposed to inform you that "All that information is available online."

5-- Fast food restaurants scrabbled eggs are constructed of a premixed powder-concentrate and water.

4-- It's common place in junk food business' for salads to be made several days in advance and just sit in the fridge till someone orders it.

3-- Just one hamburger can consist of meat from 100 different cows.

2-- Fast food companies are one of the leading exploiters of cheap labor. They actively participate in anti union activities.

1-- Fast food companies pack up their kid's meals with additional sugar to make them more appealing to kids. Sugar-coating to pizza crust is not uncommon.

As you can see these fast food companies aren't as safe and clean as you would believe. This is not the case with all restaurants but these 25 points and several things have actually been reported frequently. Think and do your research next time and you may be surprised ed on what you'll learn.

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